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Frequently Asked Questions

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Is it true that it’s free to use WeGush?

That’s right! It is free and easy for a group of people to show their appreciation for someone special.

Do I need to create an account to use WeGush?

If you want to launch a new gush, you will need to create an account. But you do NOT need an account to post a comment or contribute toward a gift.

Why do I need to enter my email address to post a comment to a wallboard?

We need your email address so that we can keep you in the loop about changes to the gush, let you know when the completed wallboard is ready to be seen, inform you when the gift has been given, and allow the gush organizer to communicate with you. But, don’t worry! We are people, too. We won’t do anything with your email address that we wouldn’t want you to do to ours.

Can I create a gush from a mobile device?

You can post a comment and contribute toward a gift from a smartphone, tablet, or computer. But to launch a new gush, you will need to use a computer or full-size tablet.

How many people can I invite to participate?

Invite as many people as you want to post comments. For many gushes, there is a natural limit to the number of people you want to post comments. (For example, for a teacher appreciation gift, you will likely want to collect comments from the parents and children in the current class.) But some gushes would really benefit from a “more is merrier” approach, so don’t be afraid to share the link to that gush more liberally.

Can I edit or delete my comment?

Once your comment has been posted, it cannot be edited, but you can contact the gush organizer to request that your comment be deleted.

Can I collect money with WeGush?

Yes! WeGush has partnered with WePay to simplify collecting money for group gifts. You can enable the money collection option when you create a new gush.

How do I manage the gush I created?

The “Gush Summary” screen is your one-stop shop for all gush-management activities. To navigate to the “Gush Summary” screen, log into your WeGush account, click the purple “My Gushes” button at the top of the screen, and choose the appropriate gush from the “Gushes You’ve Created” list.

One of the people I invited never received the email. What happened?

Sometimes messages from WeGush get filtered improperly. So ask the recipient to check in their spam or junk folder for the message. (Adding “info@WeGush.com” to their address book will also help ensure that they receive all future WeGush messages.) Or, send the link using a different tool, such as a text message or private messaging via social media.

How can I invite additional people to post comments?

Click the “Invite People” link on the “Gush Summary” screen to invite more people to post comments. (Of course, you will want to consider carefully before over-sharing the link to the wallboard, especially if you are trying to keep it a secret from the recipient.)

Can I share or forward my link so someone else can post a message, too?

Yes! The link to the gush can be shared via email or text, as a link in an online newsletter, or via social media.

What if somebody posts an inappropriate comment?

As the gush creator, you can delete a comment at any time. Choose the “Manage Comments” link on the “Gush Summary” screen.

Is it possible to extend the deadline for a gush?

In actuality, the deadline serves as a suggestion only (to help encourage people to post their comments in a timely manner); it does not actually impact anybody’s ability to post comments. But if you would like extend the deadline, visit the “Gush Summary” screen and click the "Edit Gush Settings” link.

Can I change my wallboard design?

Yes! Click the “Edit Gush Settings” link on the “Gush Summary" screen.

Can I sign a comment from more than one person?

Yes! You can sign your comment as an individual, a couple, or as a whole family. Use your nickname, your jersey number, your call sign….whatever will be meaningful for the person you are celebrating! And, of course, if you are helping a child to post a comment on a wallboard for their teacher or coach, we recommend using only their first name or their first name and last initial. It’s never too early to teach Internet safety strategies!

Who can see my contribution?

Only the gush organizer can see how much you contributed toward the group gift.

Why didn’t the recipient receive the gush we sent him/her?

The gush is delivered as an email from WeGush. Sometimes those messages get filtered improperly. So ask the recipient to check in their spam or junk folder for the message. (Adding “info@WeGush.com” to their address book will also help ensure that they receive all future WeGush messages.) Or, you can simply email or text the link to the completed wallboard (available on the “Gush Summary" screen) to the recipient.

How long will the comments be available on the wallboard?

The comments will be available indefinitely on the wallboard. Anybody with the link to the wallboard (recipient, participants, etc.) can return at any time to re-read the comments.

Can I print the gush?

Yes! Click the “Save as PDF” link when viewing a gush. That will save the wallboard as a PDF onto your computer so that you can print the gush or attach it to an email message.

Money Collection Questions for Gush Organizers Jump to General WeGush Quesions

How much does it cost to collect money online using WeGush?

There is no cost to enable the money collection feature in WeGush. Each person who uses their credit card to make an contribution towards the group gift will be charged a small processing fee.

Fees: WePay charges 2.9% + $0.30 per donation and WeGush's fee is 5% per donation.

A simplified group gift experience? Priceless!

Who is WePay?

WeGush has partnered with WePay to process payments for our customers. (Despite our similar names, we are not actually related. WePay is an entirely separate company.) If you enable the money collection feature when you create a gush, a WePay account is automatically created for you so that you can begin collecting funds immediately.

How do I activate my WePay account?

You can begin collecting contributions immediately, but to withdraw funds, you will need to activate your WePay account. After you create a gush with the money collection option enabled, you should receive a confirmation email from “support@WePay.com". (If you don’t see a message from WePay in your inbox, check your spam or junk folder.) Follow the instructions in this email to verify your new WePay account, set a password, and link to your personal bank account.

Why didn’t I receive a confirmation email from WePay?

There are several reasons why you may not receive your WePay confirmation email promptly. There could have been a typo in the email address you used to register at WePay, the message could be in your spam or junk folder, or you could be checking the wrong email account. To resend the WePay confirmation email to yourself, log in to your WeGush account, choose the “Manage Money” link on the "Gush Summary” screen.

How do I get my money?

When you activate your WePay account, you will connect it to your personal bank account so you will automatically receive withdrawals on a regular basis (daily, weekly, or monthly). Or, if you prefer, you can choose to receive money via check. To review or adjust your withdrawal settings, log onto your WePay account.

How long do I have to wait for my money?

You can choose to have your funds automatically transferred to your bank account every day, week, or month. The date of your next withdrawal is shown at the top of your WePay dashboard. Once a withdrawal is initiated, it typically takes 2-5 business days for the funds to appear in your bank account.

What happens if somebody wants their money back?

Payments are non-refundable (because returning contributions made towards a group gift isn’t usually feasible.) In the unusual circumstance where you need to return money to a participant, we suggest using funds that have been transferred from your WePay account into your personal bank account.

Why does WePay need my social security number?

WePay uses your Social Security Number to verify your identity and to comply with state and federal regulations. All of the information you enter on WePay is kept safe with bank-level security measures. (WePay does not run credit checks on their users, so signing up for a WePay account will not impact your credit score. Your SSN will not be reported to the IRS unless you collect more than $20,000 and 200 payments in the calendar year.)

Who can use WePay?

People using international credit cards can contribute toward gifts. But, only users based in the U.S. can use WePay to collect money. (You need to have a social security number and a U.S. billing address in order to withdraw funds from WePay. )

Where can I learn more about how WePay works?

For more about WePay, you can visit the WePay support pages.

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